Content Development, SEO & Social Media Support, and Web Design

Providing Content Services, DIY Solutions, Web Design, and Best Practices for your Website

What We Do

Writing, Design, SEO

Developing and maintaining your website to generate leads and new business can be a project itself. At Oxford Comma, we offer affordable web design for startups. Comprehensive DIY SEO solutions for you to strategically develop and maintain your website. We also offer affordable consultation services with an action plan on moving forward.

As writers, we fulfill content development services for your website and business. And as a small business, we know the importance of DIY solutions.

Getting Started

Web Design

Our aim with every website is to provide startup businesses an online presence for their product and service.

We offer affordable web design to small, startup businesses because we know what it means to be a small startup.


We provide Writing support for your website, marketing material, communications, and more.

If your team needs writing support, gives us a call. Blogs, Web Pages, Internal Communication needs and more.

SEO Strategy

We’ll deliver you an SEO strategy to move forward with the business writing development for your website.

Our SEO plan includes a Content Strategy plan as well as a strategic plan surrounding your SEO and Social Media.


We specialize in providing affordable DIY Solutions for you to manage your website.

Think of us as an extension of your team. We provide DIY Solutions and the next steps for your website and business needs.