How Content Helps your Website with Search Rankings

How important is content to your website and your search rankings? Without well-written, unique, and relevant content, your website is virtually invisible when it comes to the major search engines.

Google, for example, tends to provide better rankings to sites which have stronger and applicable content.

content and your search rankings
Developing Well-Written Unique Content for your Website

The more searchable and relevant content on your website, the better for your potential search engine rankings. A landing page on your site should focus on having 300-500 words.

Developing Content for your Website

While it may sound like a daunting task to get this type of writing off the ground, keep it simple by adding just a few relevant sentences to each page of your website, to start.

Focus the bulk of your writing toward a landing page – your landing page should be thought of as the main page (or one of the main pages) of your website where you are looking to generate the most traffic from search engines. In some cases your landing page may be your “Services” page or a page within your site that can jump your visitors to your services or products.

Depending on the layout of your site, the landing page could be any number of pages within your site, including blog posts.

The content on your site should provide the key search terms and phrases of your business, your service, or your product. It is the search terms and phrases within your content that will eventually become what is displayed to your potential-visitors when they are searching on Google for a product or service that you provide.

Unique Content Developed for your Website

Most importantly your content needs to be unique, i.e., you or your team wrote it – it is not copied from another website. Aside from the obvious ethical and possibly legal challenges from copying someone else’s content to your website; you are also potentially impacting your own search engine rankings by employing this type of behavior. Google will negatively rank your site if it has detected the content is copied from another website.

Let us help you develop the professional content you need for your website!