How Search Engine Optimization helps Your Website

What is Search Engine Optimization? The quick answer is SEO is the process of getting your website recognized by the search engines and getting it ranked highly in search results.

However quick and easy that answer may sound, there is no quick and easy way of going about this.

Take a step back. The acronym itself, SEO, has become so misused that in some ways if you are chasing after SEO you are similar to Captain Ahab chasing after Moby Dick. SEO becomes your white whale.

The question that you will begin asking yourself at some point is “am I chasing something mythical?” Is SEO an achievable result? You’ll spend more time pursuing what you think SEO is and you will eventually just become lost in the sea of search engines with thousands of other lost websites like you that once chased the legend of SEO.

Developing Strong, Searchable Content

SEO is the ongoing process of developing, updating, and re-creating your website. It is achieved first and foremost by developing content for your website. Without content, there is no SEO. Your website begins to become optimized once there is content on it.

Google uses the content on your site as terms and phrases they provide in search results to users. For example, if you sell “Philadelphia Phillies youth baseball hats” on your website, you will want to have specific content detailing that product on your products page, or on some other type of landing page.

As a website owner your goal is to be as specific as you can in regards to your product or service. Just stating on your businesses website that your company sells “baseball apparel” will get you lost in search engine results, but if the content on your website specifically states that your company sells “Philadelphia Phillies youth baseball hats” than search engines such as Google will begin to provide your website stronger search results because the content on your website is providing more detailed information about your product. Think about what you believe your potential visitors are searching, then create that content on your site.

Search Engine Optimization Evolution

In the web’s early years, companies sought after having specific keywords on their site to assist them in their SEO process. Today, people search for phrases, not specifically keywords. Developing high-quality and specific content regarding your service supports stronger search results. As you emphasize more specific information and content about your services on your website, you will begin to garner more successful results in search engines.

Where some get lost on SEO today is in their thinking that SEO is all related to their specific website. As a business owner, you need to begin moving away from specific SEO thoughts and begin focusing on providing your company’s website with more of an overall web presence. Social media is a tool in today’s market that helps deliver your website with the type of web presence that is needed.

When it comes to SEO though, your best bet is shifting your mind away from what was effective in 2009 and think what it takes to make your site relevant today. Google is always updating their algorithms to what they consider current search significance. Continual and ongoing updates to your website are pivotal in ensuring your company’s internet relevance.

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