What is a Backlink?

A backlink is when your site can be found referenced on other websites. The challenge with getting a backlink is you need a reason for your website to appear on another website to begin with.

Getting Backlinks

A website with backlinks tends to rank well with Google in search results because it shows there is a level of authority in your website. If other sites are linking back to an article you wrote, or are using your site as a reference on something they are writing, that bodes well for you in Google’s algorithm.

Gaining backlinks is where you may need some assistance from your marketing team. A few good tactics in getting your website listed or mentioned on other sites are:

  • Generate some news or press to get your site referenced on local news outlet websites
  • Create a press release on an updated service or a grand opening
  • Write an article on your site and have your marketing or PR team work with local outlets to link a post from their sites to the article on your site

As noted in the preceding paragraph, Google, as well as Bing, tends to provide stronger search results for websites that can be found referenced on other websites. The backlinks create credibility for your site in the eyes of search engines.

How Backlinks Help Your Website

In the world of search engine optimization backlinks are techniques that are used to help generate more web traffic to your website and increase the overall SEO of your website. This is a task that may seem tedious, but the results should be fruitful.

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