Generating Free Traffic to your Website

Press releases are probably one of your websites best friends when it comes to generating free traction for your website.

Work closely with your PR and marketing teams to devise a plan on developing press releases about your product and service. If you are a small organization without a marketing team reach out to an agency to assist you in making the public aware of your service.

Your press release should be written to provide the public quick information about your new service or product and quick information on for who it targets.

If your audience has to read too long to figure out if your service benefits them, they simply will not read it. Also be sure to include a quick blurb about your company including who you service, and most importantly from a website perspective, include your website domain (this is your web address, i.e.,

Of course promotions are always a great way to get your name into the public. There are many ways to run promotions. If you do not have a marketing team to assist you, find an agency.

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