What’s in a Page Title and Page Description?

Page Titles and Page Descriptions are the names and descriptions you provide each of the pages of your website.

Page titles and descriptions tell your potential visitors what your page is about. In the example below Beach Games at the Shore is the page title.

Learn More About Page Titles and Descriptions

The page title is descriptive enough to provide potential visitors what the page is about and also contains critical search engine terms such as “beach games” and “shore”.

The intent with the page title in the example on the next page is to capture visitors who are searching specifically for games to play at the beach.

The page description provides more descriptive information about the specific landing page on the site, and also provides further SEO terms to help visitors.

Hot Corner takes the game of catch and puts a little competition into it. Hot Corner can be played with two or more people.” This page description is providing potential visitors with a specific beach game to play – Hot Corner.

Creating Effective Page Titles and Descriptions

If the searcher clicks either the page title or page description they will be taken to that specific page on the website which explains that specific chapter of the book Beach Games at the Shore. (The top left corner of the search result is the book “Beach Games at the Shore” which is displaying because the developer of the website specifically provided the image of the book with ALT Tags so it would be displayed in search results).

While page titles and page descriptions do not provide any specific SEO value they do provide the potential visitors to your website with an idea of the page they are about to lean on.

Nothing can be more frustrating to a user than selecting a page in a search result and landing on a page that is completely different from what they just read. Be sure the title and description of the page match the content. This is a sure fire way to lose a potential visitor and customer if it does not.

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