Website Basics for your Business

For the small business owner and entrepreneur, starting a website may be one of the challenging tasks you run into while launching your business.

For some entrepreneurs and mom-and-pop type businesses opening up, you may not need all the bells and whistles that a $3000 new website design may bring you. Sometimes it’s just the basics.

Benefits of a Website provides many of the features that most small business owners need in a website. The difference being with templates, you may be able to build your website yourself, or have someone do it for you at the fraction of the price. provides well-developed templates to choose from, plus all the basics your business needs in a website.

Getting Started with a Website

Getting started is as easy as registering. From there you have the opportunity to choose from several platforms. Choose the one that fits your business needs the best:

  • Free Platform
  • Personal Platform: $4 per month
  • Premium Platform: $8 per month
  • Business Platform: $25 per month
  • eCommerce Platform: $45 per month

We Can Help

We have had great success at Oxford Comma Solutions building websites using the platform. Drop us a line below and let us know how we can help get your business or product online today.

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