Four Quick Tips on Promoting Your Business

For some who run their own side hustle, or sell their own products or services on the side, promoting their own business my be one of the most difficult tasks in being their own boss, or in charge of their own line. For self-published writers, self promotion is the hardest part of writing a book.

The thought of marketing oneself does create stress on some. It’s the hardest part of being an entrepreneur, but it’s also the most pivotal piece of being a successful entrepreneur.

Here are four ways to promote your business:

1.) Include your business name and website address in your email signature: This is the easiest place to start. Now every email you send out, whether it be personal or professional, has your business name and and website address.

2.) Update your social media profiles: Another easy win here. Include your business name and website address and without even seeming too pushy, your network of family, friends, and colleagues will all see your business.

3.) Tell one family member or one friend per day about your business venture. Bringing it up in friendly and casual conversation lessens the burden you may feel that you are placing on your family and friends. Once they know that you are out on your own, they more than likely ask you how business is going or bring your name in separate conversations if they hear of someone who needs your service or product.

4.) LinkedIn and other networking groups: This ties into social media a bit, but if you are not on LinkedIn yet, you should get yourself there. It’s a great professional networking site and will allow former colleagues, peers, and managers see that your on your own. Other networking sites like allow you to connect with other businesses you share similar customers and may be able to reference some work your way.

Self promotion is definitely a tough task, but there are easy ways around it is an area that causes you some anxiousness.

There are plenty other additional ways to self promote without seeming too pushy. Drop us a line and we can help you out.

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