MoFu Inbound Marketing Strategy

MoFu or the Middle of the Funnel, inbound marketing begins the stage of educating your clients on how your service or product benefits them. In essence, this is where you begin converting your visitors into leads.

MoFu Inbound Marketing
Capturing Leads with an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Capturing a leads email address and contact information is the pivotal step in this stage. At the MoFu, your purpose is providing information to your leads in exchange for their email address. Several tactics at your disposal at this stage are:

  1. Provide a free downloadable eBook: Providing anything of value for free – or in exchange for an email address – is a pretty good bargain for the consumer. Keep in mind, you need to build a solid reputation for yourself and build trust with your visitors through your ToFu campaign and your ongoing content and blog updates to attain this. The ToFu campaign builds you as a credible source, which in turn will assist you in converting your visitors into leads in your MoFu campaign.
  2. Email Newsletters: There is a fine line when it comes to the frequency of email newsletters (this is a determination you will need to make), but the bottom line here is you have successfully converted a visitor into a lead by providing them some sort of regular email news about your service, product, or business.
  3. Webinars: Leading a discussion via a webinar is a very effective way to display yourself as an authority to your leads. Although a webinar is taking your valuable time, providing a free webinar in exchange for registration (email contact information) will place you in a commanding position into converting your leads into sales down the road. If a lead is signing up for your webinar, they have some level of need for your service.
  4. Blog Post Updates: Depending on the frequency of your blog posts you can capture your visitors information by having them sign up for notifications of a new blog. Be careful here though: if you blog frequently, your email notification to your leads may become white noise to them, or worse they may spam you. Make the posts meaningful and relevant if you are sending email notifications to your leads. If you do blog frequently, you can send a weekly, or semi-monthly, or monthly email to your leads informing them to review all your latest blogs, articles, and news instead.

Transitioning Visitors into Leads

In an inbound marketing campaign, your goal at this stage is transitioning your visitors into leads. Providing free information to your leads as mentioned above is a way to garner their trust and to make you a credible source in their view.

Some businesses and individuals are often unwilling to provide their email address or contact information, so securing this information is a strong step in your process of converting visitor traffic into leads (and eventually converting leads into sales).

You built your reputation and trust in the ToFu campaign, and you set yourself apart from your competitors as an authority in the MoFu campaign, now it is time to close.

Let’s see how we can help you in developing your inbound marketing campaign.

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