Closing the Deal on Leads through Inbound Marketing

Your final phase of your inbound marketing campaign is your BoFu campaign, or Bottom of the Funnel. The BoFu is converting your leads into sales.

inbound marketing bottom of the funnel BoFu
Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Beginning with your ToFu campaign you have provided your visitors a broad view of your industry or service. As you entered the MoFu campaigning phase you provided your leads with specific services your business provides, as well as what sets you apart from your competitors.

Your goal in a BoFu campaign is converting your leads into sales. Your BoFu campaign begins with you knowing your leads individually and understanding how to convert them into a paying customer. You have a broad knowledge and understanding of the type of service or product they require. At this phase you are stepping forward with your Sales 101 training skills in hand and closing the deal.

Some consider converting sales into leads as the most challenging step in this phase, but keep in mind what you have accomplished to this point: grabbing the attention of users to visit your website to begin with was a challenging a step. To have success in the ToFu phase means you have posted pretty compelling information that:

  1. Received credible ranking from Google to begin with, and
  2. Garnered the attention of users to be interested enough to read your information.

From there you entered the MoFu phase and created a trust and built credibility high enough with your visitors for them to turn their personal contact information over to you – not bad in the “spam anything not relevant in our inbox” world we live in. ToFu and MoFu are the dirty work – now is time to close the deal.

It takes a sturdy effort on your end to work through these phases. The internet is very similar to Las Vegas in that visitors travel from all over expecting to leave as millionaires. Many businesses feel once they have a website for their company that the sales will just flow in. This is where SEO itself is a bit of a misnomer. A failing point when it comes to websites is spending a hefty handful on optimizing their website but failing to recognize the next step in that process: converting the traffic into leads and into paying customers.

Your website cannot be a one-and-done task. It needs constant care and nurturing. SEO and inbound marketing campaigns are part of that nourishment.

Contact Us to drive the traffic and convert the leads into sales.

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