Social Media and Online Marketing

Are you aware of the role social media and online marketing can play in the success (or failure) of your business?

Developing your Online Presence
Social Media & Inbound Marketing

Social media tools are more than just sending out the latest pictures of your kids, or updating friends with which restaurant you are currently eating. Social media plays a pivotal role in generating more traffic to your businesses website. Well-placed and well-timed social media updates will produce positive effects on your website traffic.

Develop a landing page to direct your visitors who have found your social media post and are following your link. When utilizing social media in this fashion, you are in essence creating an inbound marketing campaign.

How Social Media Will Help Your Business

You want to be sure the landing page that you’ve developed on your website is a page that will create trust and credibility with your visitor. If your landing page does not match what you labeled in your social media trust, you will lose your visitor, a potential lead, and a potential customer.

DIY Solutions for the Entrepreneur

When developing landing pages on your website, be sure to have a strategy behind each post. Create content on your landing page using the ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu strategies:

  • ToFu campaigns will create web traffic
  • MoFu campaigns will generate leads
  • BoFu campaigns will convert leads into customers

Inbound Marketing and Social Media

In order to successfully develop and build an inbound marketing campaign utilizing social media tools, develop a content strategy for your website first. Haphazardly throwing text and social media posts will end with little to no success.

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