How Social Media can Benefit your Products and Services

Today’s fast-paced technological world requires more from you in developing a solid marketing plan than ever before.

Twenty years ago your internet marketing plan merely required you to have a website to ensure you had a web presence for your business. Today, if you are only planning on a website as stating you have a web presence, then your internet marketing plan is basically non-existent.

For your website to be effective today, your internet marketing plan needs to have an effective strategy that identifies how your website will create traffic, leads, and sales. Social media plays a major role in generating that type of traction for your business, as well as a significant role in your overall search engine optimization. The role social media plays in your ToFu campaigns (Top of Funnel) are even bigger.

More people today are on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as professional networking sites liked LinkedIn. As a business you need to be active on social media, but be aware there is a difference between being active on social media versus delivering high-quality marketing and advertising campaigns through social media. Let’s talk about the how to create effective social media campaigns.

For starters, your social media campaign doesn’t start with your social media sites – it starts with your actual website. Social media is simply a tool to drive traffic to your website. So if you’re not providing anything new to your website, your social media sites are useless as far as your inbound marketing strategy is concerned.

Developing Website Content for your Social Media Post

In our post, Content is Kingwe discussed that you start with developing unique and relevant content for your website through landing pages such as blog posts. Building relevant content about your services is helpful to your website and also increases an overall ability to create campaigns through your social media sites. Posting on social media and linking back to specific services and pages on your website is one of the most efficient uses of social media for a business. Not only are you generating traffic from your social media sites with the post and link, but Google has begun indexing tweets from Twitter. What this essentially means is you are getting a double dose of recognition from Google: one for your website and one for your actual tweet.

Utilizing social media by posting and linking from your social media outlet back to the post on your website functions as your ToFu campaign– Top of the Funnel. Your social media post should be a quick eye-catching post or tweet, with relevant information to the visitors you are looking to attract, i.e., leads and future customers.  The post should also be relevant to the blog entry that it links back to. An easy way to lose a visitor – and credibility – is to have your social media post link to a page on your site that has nothing to do with your actual post. Your goal with these types of posts is building a visitor-base. Attract visitors with the intention of shifting them into a MoFu campaign (Middle of Funnel) where you begin providing them with regular updates via an email campaigns.

Of course social media does not have to be used for just ToFu campaigns. Always exploit social media to jump directly into a BoFu campaign as well. If you are having a sale or discount, post it on social media with a link directly back to the page on your site where you are posting your sale. Social media can be very valuable when it comes to a BoFu campaign.

Social media also assists you in keeping fresh content on your website because new content, specifically relevant blog posts, should always equal new posts, tweets, and links from your social media pages. Social media forces your hand in remaining true to updating the content on your website.

Which Social Media Sites are Right for your Business?

Facebook, Twitter, and Google + are all terrific social media sites to be used for your business. Pinterest is also very beneficial if you have products or images you want to share with your social media community as well. LinkedIn is another site for you to utilize. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and the rest, LinkedIn is a professional networking site, however its intention are the same – generate contacts, create leads, and make sales.

LinkedIn can be thought of as your father’s old rolodex. It’s a place to keep professional connections in order and make new connections either through existing connections or through networks you have joined. It is a place all modern businesses should have their profiles listed. LinkedIn provides you access to a whole new world of potential leads and clients. And like the other social media sites mentioned, you can also place posts about your business or a service you are launching, as well as create your own networking group.

Getting your business connected into the social media world is a slice of the equation in getting your website exposure, but it also is a very important piece when it comes to your inbound marketing campaigns.

Developing the Right Social Media Plan for your Business

Successful social media and inbound marketing campaigns require your dedicated attention to ensure your business is competitive in regards to attracting website traffic.  To drive web traffic to your website, you will need to attract potential-customers from social media sites to your website.  Connect your website to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Post regular updates to social media sites as you would your own website through a content management system or through a blog. Backlinks from social media sites to your website, or specifically to a page on your website that you are targeting, will help you in attracting new customers to your website.

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