Email Campaigns and Newsletters

Now that you have successfully started to build a database of emails and contacts through your inbound marketing campaigns, you have a set of leads to build your service, brand, and product with.

Get More Leads
Get More Leads

You also now have an audience to begin an email campaign. Newsletters and email campaigns are an essential ingredient in your internet marketing strategy.

Successfully attaining an individual or company email and contact information is no small feat. Think how hesitant you may be in providing your own email, whether it is your personal email or professional email. Typically one would only provide this information if the requestor has developed a certain level of trust with you, or views you as an authority or subject matter expert.

The same holds true with your visitors. They will tend to only provide you their contact information if you have shown you are a trustworthy and reliable source. Your successful inbound campaign helped developed this trust and has turned the visitor into a lead.

Developing your Email and Newsletter Campaign

Your newsletters and email campaigns should focus on converting leads into sales, as well as being employed to offer new services to existing clients who subscribe to your newsletter. Your intent should also be on conversion – in this case providing existing clients with additional services or products. Your newsletters and campaigns can be generated on sales, service or product updates, or a “What’s New” campaign.

Similar to how your social media posts should be created as a “teaser” to get people’s attention and provide them a link to a landing page on your website, your newsletter campaign should do the same. Provide content and information in your newsletter that captures your client’s attention and include a link for them to find out more. The link within your email should lead to a specific page or section of your website specifically created to get your customer to buy.

Frequency of your Email Campaign

A word of note on your email marketing front: be cognizant of the frequency of your email blasts. Like anything else, if you send emails too frequently you run the risk of your emails becoming white noise to your clients and leads. You do not want to overburden your user-base with so many emails that they begin to spam or block you, or even worse, they IGNORE you.

Also, you don’t want to become too careless and let too much time go by that you lose that personal touch with your clients either. What it boils down to is it is a balancing act. Learn who your customers are or what they need and what dosage they need it. There is no cookie-cutter answer to how many emails is too many or how little is too little; be sure your newsletters are timely and relevant. Stay consistent in the timing of your email newsletter, i.e., monthly, quarterly, or even weekly. Your business needs and your clients will dictate the frequency to you.

Let’s get started with your email newsletter today.

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