Continual and Ongoing Content Updates

What keeps your website successfully ranked in search engines like Google? That’s easy: updated content.

Keeping your content updated, fresh, and engaging is the ongoing process you need to continue for your website to be successful. It’s the updates to your content, as well as the addition of new content, that search engines such as Google look for.

Keeping your Content Updated

Updating and keeping content on your website fresh is not as daunting a task as it may sound. If you have read our previous blog articles everything we have discussed includes ongoing and continual content updates:

  • You need updated content to successfully operate and link your social media feeds.
  • You need updated content to successfully manage and link your email campaigns.
  • You need updated content to execute your inbound marketing campaigns.

Quick and Easy Content Updates

The reality is, for your website to survive and generate the traffic and leads that you need to generate sales, you will always need to stay on top of your content. Some easy wins for content updates to your website include:

  • Blogs are the easiest and most efficient way for you to add new content to your website. Generating a few blog entries per week will definitely assist your cause. Adding a new related blog topic each week also adds new searchable content to your website as well as providing your existing visitors new information to review on your site.
  • Testimonial pages from your clients are not only good for your SEO, but they also speak volumes to leads who may be on the fence in regards to your service or product. Having real-life clients speaking highly of your business helps in many ways.
  • Events pages allow you to update your website with new and searchable information for your visitors.

Get the typing moving and the content pouring out or contact us today for assistance in your content development needs.