SEO Tools

The final piece of your internet marketing plan puzzle involves the SEO tools to properly track and understand how traffic is generated for your website.

Get More Leads
Get More Leads

There are a number of SEO analytical tools out there but two of the best are offered by the top two search engines: Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool) and Bing Webmaster. You gain access to these tools when you initially submit your website to Google and Bing.

Driving Traffic to your Site

Now that the key components of your internet marketing plan are in place and you have a forward-plan on how to generate more traffic and leads to your website, understanding how those visitors arrive at your site is a critical element for you overall online success.

Both Google and Bing webmaster tools provide top-notch information on the traffic flow into your website, including how visitors landed on your website. In addition, Google and Bing provide access to their individual analytical tools for you to get a full understanding of your traffic flows and better pinpoint how your leads are finding you, as well as provide you critical information on what tactics are failing for you.

Google Web Tools

To further accelerate your SEO analytics, add Google Analytics code to your website. Google Analytics will allow you to fully research how visitors are finding your website. In addition to Google webmaster tools, you will have a very strong grasp on how visitors are finding your website.

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