Getting Started with your Online Marketing Plan

All is not lost if you have built your website without an online marketing plan to generate traffic and leads to your site. There is always time to recover because the vital question is still there: “Now that you have a great looking website, how do you drive new traffic and create leads?”

There are several fundamental questions a business needs to ask itself prior to jumping into the “how do I get potential customers to find and visit my website?” question.

It’s most effective to have your online marketing plan developed as you are designing and building your website. Ideally the seeds of your plan are sewn as your website is in the development phase. If you do not have a plan developed yet, you still have time to sit down and get it done, but you need to move quickly because potential customers are looking for you right now and they can’t find you!

Developing your Online Presence
Internet Marketing Plan

How do you Create an Online Marketing Plan?

In developing your online marketing plan for your business or project, ask yourself:

  • What are the overall goals for your website?
  • Are you trying to sell products directly to your consumer?
  • Is your website more an informational site for your services which you are trying to generate leads from?
  • How do you differentiate your website from the thousands – maybe millions – of other websites offering the very same service or product?

Identifying your business website goal(s) should be a top priority. Without goals in place, your site runs the risk of quickly becoming just another website in the great search engine abyss. Developing strong and unique content will go a long way in optimizing your website, as well as help differentiate your service from your competitors.

Several additional areas of concentration in your internet strategy should also include:

  • Develop a brand or brand-name recognition. Brand recognition provides simpler search results if users are searching directly for you and your business.
  • Develop a web presence through social media, inbound marketing, directories, and search engine optimization.

Getting Started With Marketing Your Website

Understanding who your customers are and how they are searching for your business online is critical to your overall plan. Without a good understanding of this, your great looking website runs the risk of not being found.

Let us help you out with getting a plan started. Drop us a line and let’s get going.