Who We Are

Oxford Comma

Web Support for the Small Business

Starting a business is tough business. There are many roads that lead to starting your own business. It can be out of necessity, a life-long dream, or it could have grown out of a side hustle.

Let’s start with the Oxford Comma. The “Who We Are” is actually “Who I Am.” I am a small startup. My own personal journey is I began as a freelance writer, which slowly grew to include SEO and web support, and eventually developed into a business.

My own personal struggles and successes in getting to this point is what has driven me to my business model today. I am in it for the entrepreneur and small business startup.

My goal is providing business solutions to cost-minded startups. I provide well-designed templated websites at affordable rates because I believe in helping other startups get off the ground, and I know the importance of getting a valuable product at a low cost.

Let’s find out how I can help you today.

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