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Content Development

Content for Your Website

When it comes to successfully developing site optimization, content is one of the most important elements. When developing your content, you want clear and concise information about the service or product you provide.

At Oxford Comma, we will develop the content for your website that is clear and effectively communicates your business. We’ll write the content for your webpages, blog, marketing material, and more.

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Content Strategy

Ongoing Content Development Support and Content Strategy

We are professional writers who will add value to your team by developing the content you need for your website. We’ll also provide a strategic vision on the long-term development of the content for your website:

  1. Ongoing writing support for your business website or blog. Pricing will vary by project.
  2. Content Strategy for the long-term development of content for your website. Pricing will vary dependent on project scope.

Writing Support

Writing Support as Needed

We also provide as needed writing support for your website or business. Whether it’s an article or blog needed for a trending topic in your industry, or simply updated content for the webpages of your site, think of us as an extension of your team when it comes to your writing needs.

Pricing will be dependent on scope of project.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Following Google best practices regarding content layout, content structure, and content hierarchy, we’ll develop a Content Strategy Plan for your business website.

Pricing dependent on scope of project.